Интервю с Nimerius (DIABLERY)

Interview with Nimerius (DIABLERY)


nimerius-diablerySatania.: Hello and thank you for your time! Are you playing in Bulgaria for the first time?

Nimerius: Yes, this is the first time in Bulgaria for Diablery.

S.: Tell us a bit more about the band and present the other members. Where does the name come from?

N: We started the band back in 2008 diving into the sound of majestic black metal and we have released 2 EPs (The Catharsis / The Eye) 1 Full-length album (Architect) and 1 Split (Entropy). Now we are recording our second full-length album (Candles) which is going to be released at the beginning of 2020 by the Finnish Saturnal Records. Well, we are 4 members now, Setesh (Vocals/Guitar), Nimerius (Guitar), XII (Bass) and Merenhor (Drums). The last two joined the band more recently but we have achieved good chemistry. Now the name Diablery, is one more word for Sorcery and Magick under the influence of Satanic Forces.

S.: For your 10 years of existence you have only one studio album. What is the reason for things taking so slowly?

N: We actually exist for 11 years and we have only one album! There are no excuses, we don’t owe the people any album, and if we do, we owe them a good one, not an album made in a hurry just to say that we have released a new album. Music composing is about inspiration and patience, it comes when it has to come. Now we will release our second album but after this one? Maybe we’ll have the third album in 1 year, maybe in 5. We don’t make music for fast consumption, we make music that will last forever.

S.: You’re working on a new album, tell us more about it. Is it a concept album, what are the themes?

N: Yes, we are recording it right now. The album will take flesh and bones under the name „Candles“, an object that has a very interesting symbolism. A candle is a device that brings light and uses oxygen as a fuel and the very candle to sustain the flame. Slowly it fades away as smoke until it is gone and everything returns in the darkness where things get interesting in another way. Does it remind you anything familiar?

It is not a concept album, it is about some specific experiences we had and the „gifts“ of them. We have been changed as persons and that you can also feel it in the sound of the new album. It is more aggressive, more atmospheric but it is more „certain“ and solid. This is going to be a side of us that people haven’t met yet and we think they are going to appreciate it.

S.: Do you have a release date yet? Can you share more about it or it’s too early for this?

N: As I said, we are in the recording sessions now, we don’t have a release date yet but we know it’s going to be at the beginning of 2020. We will play songs from that album at the show in Sofia, so there is your chance to take a sneak peek!

S.: Do you have any bands or performers, that have influenced you or inspired you during the composing of the album?

N: Definitely! Emperor and Arcturus are always a source of influence, Gehenna, Leviathan and Arckanum at least for me, Windir and Mayhem for sure. Two acts I appreciate a lot and they help me dive into the depths of myself are Halo Manash and Sigillum S. We mainly get our inspiration from experience but we know we cannot escape being influenced by music so we don’t expose ourselves to bullshit in order to keep our minds and hearts, centered.

Inquisition at Kyttaro w/ special guests: Nadiwrath & Diablery

S.: With which more famous bands and musicians have you shared a stage? Which one of your gigs have become the most valuable for you?

N: We have shared the stage with Inquisition, Arcturus, Negura Bunget, Schammasch, Negator, Altar of Plagues and Year of no Light. I think that would be Arcturus. Okay, we know it’s not our sound but you cannot miss the connection of modern Arcturus with the black metal sound. They still got it in their bones. And how couldn’t you when you have Hellhammer behind the drumset? It was a show we really want to take part in, a life goal, and we are very glad we made it. Inquisition is a hell of band, too, so that gig was also something we wanted a lot but we fucked it up a little bit on stage so the Arcturus gig was a little bit of „revenge“ show in which we, indeed, took our blood back!

S.: Have you listened to the Bulgarian bands, with which you will playing? In general, do you have an outlook on our Black Metal scene, and what do you think of it?

N: Yes, we have. We like their music, it has an intense feeling that we can rely on for a good outcome of the show and we hope we can manage to be in the audience and enjoy their music. I am also aware of the Broken Silence festival in Burgas that we hope we can take part in 2021. Now about the rest of the scene, I can’t say I am very aware but I have a few favorite Bulgarian black metal bands, Demonism (which they are fucking awesome), Sarakt (Саракт) and Korozy. Unfortunately, they don’t exist anymore if I am correct.

S.: What do you think of your local Black Metal scene? There are, without a doubt, plenty of good bands there. Have you played with any of them? Share your impressions, if you have.

N: Noone can deny that Hellenic Black Metal is a pioneer to the black metal cosmos, there are a lot of good bands that contribute to the scene and lot of them that we respect. We have shared the stage with many bands of the underground, we didn’t have the chance to play with a big one yet.

S.: Do you have any special expectations from Bulgaria and the Bulgarian audience?

N: We hope they open their souls to our music and welcome us with the eagerness that we feel for stepping in the Bulgarian soil and we can guarantee that we will give 110% of ourselves to immerse them into a spiritual journey in their hearts’ abyss.

S.: Your message to the fans.


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Photo credits Diablery pictire: Dionisis Partheniadis.

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