In the summer I almost never listen to black metal but in this case it was worth it 200%! Perhaps it is no coincidence, given the fact that Nathan Churches – the man behind the project – is Australian.

„Utterly Away“ is a concept album in which each of the songs is inspired and focuses on specific poems by Matsuo Basho (a Japanese poet, a representative of poetry from the Edo period, known mainly for his work in the genre of haikai – author’s note).

The album is a modern reading of black metal – masterfully executed, atmospheric and very beautiful. The eight tracks in it are the thing I’ve been missing lately in terms of music.

Neither too gloomy, nor optimistic, „ Utterly Away“ is a work that captivates from the first note. Despite the Japanese inspiration, Japanese motifs in the album are to be found, but they are not too much and not too intrusive, which is a plus for me personally.

Overall, „Utterly Away“ is an intelligent combination of poetry and black metal, without going into the canonicity of the genre. It is definitely something worth listening to. The album is suitable for anyone who is curious to discover new musical horizons or if you are wondering what the future of black metal is.

Rating: 10/10 // For fans of: black метал, atmospheric stuff, intelligent music and maybe to some extent SUMMONING