Интервю с Tomáš „Morion“ – (INFERNO, TORC)

Interview with Tomáš „Morion“ – (INFERNO, TORC)


morionSatania: Hi, Morion,
In the beginning tell me about Torc. When and how did you get together?

Morion: We started our band Torc in 2013 – me, singer Chucky and bass-guitarist Samoth. We met in previous band Sezarbil, which we left in a half of the year 2012. After that, in the beginning of 2013, we started Torc.

S: What did you want to put in and express through Torc? New messages, defferent technique and style of playing? New personal music seeking?

M: That’s the right question, thanks! The idea is to make music various, wild, energetic, but watch out, not funny. Our texts are very serious and touch the sensitive topics and dogma of society. We feel that the other bands around us look better than they play and concerts are often grotesque theatrical performances at the expense of a musical and sensory experience. The balance between visual and musical presentations has been lost and all this is in our opposition and we focus only on what makes music music.

S: I have listened to your debut album Tóny Annwnu several times /I’m looking forward to EP’s/. The style is really mix from many things and can’t be definite uniquely. How you would define the style of Torc?

M: Yes, that‘s true. (Laughs) Tóny Annwnu is mostly built on the Hard & Heavy model. The song begins with a prelude, followed by a verse, chorus, verse, chorus, solo, and the end, when I say that with a lot of insight. This whole model is composed of black, death, thrash, heavy and core elements, but the whole base is based on black metal guitars. I admit that the playlist is really mixed with a variety of genres and is hard to fit into a box, we call our genre BLACKCORE.

S: Why did you choose the name Torc? What symbolism does the ancient jewel for you?

M: Torc is a shortcut of word for Torques. That was a neck brace, used in many different cultures, connected and symbolic, however, especially for the Celts. He represented the high social postition of his bearer, an exceptional warrior or king, and often the gods were also portrayed. By the band name we express not only interest in Celtic culture, but also our desire not to lose ourselves in the crowd and stand out.

torccoverS: What is the lyrical theme of Torc? In your description there is the word „pagan“, What are your personal beliefs?

M: Themes of the texts are diverse and so far they have not created a common concept that would combine the compositions. The texts contain purely personal and pagan themes, as well as political and military themes. We each have our own personal philosophy and our way of happiness, rest and freedom. In the broadest sense of the word, the word „pagan“ is a bond that brings us together, we know who we are, what is our history and what we are very proud of. This fact is mainly reflected in the songs Vpřed, Imbas and Cesta, where our positive relationship to Celtic culture is fully manifested. From the Celtic also comes the name of the Tóny Annwnu, the name itself Torc and also on the front of the booklet, the red lettering on the tree is depicted by the name Torc in Ogam characters, meaning the Celts writing.

S: Who is Tóny Annwnu?

M: Annwn is name for „the beyond“, the other world after death in Celtic mythology. Topics of texts in our debut refers to Celts as one of our ancesters and often it’s conected to death. That’s why we choosed the name Tóny Annwnu – simply it can be understand as „voices from the opposite shore“.

S: Since you are a part of the iconic Black Metal band – INFERNO, I can’t resist do not ask you anything about them either. For the past few months it happened that you had two shows in Bulgaria. What memories and impressions did you carry with you?

M: Yes, that‘s true! Concerts were successful, attendance was great, excellent background for players, excellent service and organization. In our free time we visited the city to get to know your culture, historical sights and taste local cuisine. We will be happy to come back.

S: The last album of INFERNO – Gnosis Kardias (Of Transcension and Involution) is really something unique, out of all dimensions and time. How it’s creates such music? Where is the source of inspiration and ideas here?

M: Thanks! Every moment on the record is a reflection of mood, emotions, feelings, nothing artificially created, or composite. Inspiration and feelings come by themselves, depending on the situation, and it is all their record. Therefore, the whole process is very demanding and lengthy, both during its creation and during its composition until its final appearance.

S: Which other bands you are a part of? Tell us about them?

M: I’m an active player of Inferno and Torc. Last year, as a guest, I appeared on the DnB scene and accompanied a very talented DJ Hrr.nec. But for 100 %, I only concentrate on Inferno and Torc. Both bands take me a lot of time and I am not able to do another project anymore.

S: Before me to do that 🙂 tell us about new Torc’s EP Vzpomínky na slunce. Again in Czech language. At a time when English in extreme music is mass, whydid you choose to sing in your native language? Does the Vzpomínky na slunce differ from the the debut album and in what way?

M: Most of the texts have a deep emotional character, and in the mother language, every feeling, mood, hysteria, or sadness, acquires for us our trueness and sympathy. We take care of the maximum value and level of our lyrical and musical expression that we are only capable of, and our language is undoubtedly an essential part of it. EP Vzpomínky na slunce is different from the debut Tóny Annwnu. The genre is not so diverse and is mostly black metal, but the narrower range of genres has given space to new techniques, arrangements and moods. Because of this, recording is quite different.

S: Where did you have concerts with Torc? Who was the most memorable gig for you?

M: We have several sensational concerts alongside Arkona (Pol), The Stone, Sekhmet and Percival Schuttenbach. But the unforgettable concert is the first one.

S: What is planning Torc for the future? And in particular, whatare you planning as an artist?

M: We’re preparing something new for us and listeners, a conceptual record. The theoretical board is already done. The lyrics and compositions are composed and are we are now closed in the test room, where we will sample the whole material and prepare to enter the recording studio. My plans for the future will remain unchanged. I like the things that are part of my life today and I try to make them perfect and move on.


S: I guess after this interview many people will want to hear your music. Where they can find Torc’s albums?

M: The CD can be purchased directly from us at torc@torc.cz or at our publisher Murderous production. Of course you can listen to us on our YouTube channel or visit our website for more information.

S: How do you want to finish this interview? Your message to the fans.

M: Thanks for this interview, I was honored to introduce you to the Torc band and our philosophy.

Thank you!

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