Hello! How’s the tour with with Amon Amarth going so far?
It has been really good. I think it might be our best tour ever.

What is the different in your new album „Sword Songs“?
All or albums are different from each other, i canХt really say exactly what is different on Sword Songs. Maybe there are more strong choruses this time.

Which one do you prefer: play on festival or play in a club? Why?
They both have their advantages. playing a festival usually means a bigger crowd, on the other hand when you play a club, most of the people are already fans so it gets more intense. i like both.

Which group you are mostly compared with?
Probably Judas Priest and Manowar.

You have 20 years and 8 studio albums behind your back. Do you feel old yet?
Haha, in some ways yes, in some ways no.

Have you always followed the idea of a three piece band?
It just happened that way, but i think its cool to be a metal band as a trio, its not that common. i think we discovered that there are many advantages being only three. everything is easier and its easier to have a common goal.

Before 1999 your name was SMACK. Why you did you rename as Grand Magus and where did the new name come from?
We felt that the music we were doing needed a better name than Smack to be honest. Grand Magus suited the style we were doing. The name itself is from Aleister Crowley and Samuel MacGregor-Mathers.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Mostly from nature, that is where i gather my thoughts and strength.

What is the biggest difficulty you’ve ever encountered?
That’s very hard to say. Probably losing my parents when i was quite young.

What is the most annoying and the most interesting part of recording an album?
The most annoying is when things donХt seem to work for some reason that you can’t pinpoint. The most interesting is when they do work, haha!

Describe yourself with one word?

Favourite beverage?

What would you wish to your Bulgarian fans?
Stay heavy and stay true!

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