It’s the first time I’ve listened to the Spanish DEIMLER, although they’ve been playing since 1998, which is not strange considering that they were on vacation until 2018, and their current release is their debut. It also turns out that the members are quite famous in the Spanish underground. In any case, their music is new to me.

The EP contains 5 songs with a characteristic sci-fi theme, which I liked quite a bit from the first riffs. The debut is what every debut should be – an unadulterated charge, well created and well thought out.

Old-school sound is present, but it is supported by depth and multidimensionality, which are missing in some well-known names in death metal. „Zero One“ is one of my favorite releases of the year and definitely worth hearing from people who fall in love with an energetic and meaningful death metal.

The five tracks run steadily one after the other, there is a fair amount of blast beats, and the vocals are on point with the low grunts. My favorite track is „Your Coffin“ , and „Mechanical Universes of Flesh“ creates a world of its own within its six minutes.

Overall, „Zero One“ is a good release, and then I want to hear more about the work of DEIMLER. Suitable for experienced death metal fans as well as newcomers to the genre – everyone will find something. The music also goes well with a beer. 😉

Rating: 9/10 // For fans of: GRAVE, DEICIDE and a not boring death metal.