new year

2014г. свърши. Повечето вече са сглобили личните музикални класации. По-долу ви предлагаме списък на изданията, които любими и не толкова, известни и не чак толкова, групи са планували да издадат в началото на следващата 2015г. Датите на издаване са ориентировъчни и от лейбълите предупреждават, че е възможна промяна. Весела Нова Година!


January 6:
A Skylit Drive, ‘Rise: Ascension’ (Tragic Hero)

January 13:
6:33, ‘Deadly Scenes’ (Kaotoxin)
Benediction, ‘Grind Bastard’ Reissue (Metal Mind)
Benediction, ‘Killing Music’ Reissue (Metal Mind)
Benediction, ‘Organised Chaos’ Reissue (Metal Mind)
Benediction, ‘Subconscious Terror / The Grand Leveller’ Reissue (Metal Mind)
Benediction, ‘Transcend The Rubicon / The Dreams You Dread’ Reissue (Metal Mind)
Candlemass, ‘Candlemass’ Reissue (Metal Mind)
Candlemass, ‘Lucifer Rising’ Reissue (Metal Mind)
Clawfinger, ‘Life Will Kill You’ Reissue (Metal Mind)
Convent Guilt, ‘Guns For Hire’ (Shadow Kingdom)
Desolate Shrine, ‘The Heart of the Netherworld’ (Dark Descent)
Einherjer, ‘Av Oss, For Oss’ (Indie)
Exlibris, ‘Aftereal’ (Metal Mind)
The German Panzer, ‘Send Them All To Hell’ (Nuclear Blast)
Ghoulgotha, ‘The Deathmass Cloak’ (Dark Descent)
Hateful Abandon, ‘Liars/Bastards’ (Candlelight)
Infernal Manes, ‘Infernal Manes’ (Edged Circle)
Karma To Burn, ‘Arch Stanton’ (FABA)
The Last Ten Seconds of Life, ‘Soulless Hymns’ (Density)
Manilla Road, ‘Out of the Abyss’ Reissue (Shadow Kingdom)
Nailgun Massacre, ‘Boned, Boxed and Buried’ (Xtreem)
Pain of Salvation, ‘Falling Home’ (Inside Out)
Palisades, ‘Mind Games’ (Rise)
Sylosis, ‘Dormant Heart’ (Nuclear Blast)
Volahn, ‘Aq’ab’al’ (Iron Bonehead / The Ajna Offensive)
Witchrider, ‘Unmountable Stairs’ (Fuzzorama)

January 20:
Alpha Tiger, ‘Identity’ (SPV)
Arcane, ‘Known/Learned’ (Sensory)
Armageddon, ‘Captivity & Devourment’ (Listenable)
Breathless, ‘Return To Pangea’ (Xtreem)
Caina, ‘Setter of Unseen Snares’ (Broken Limbs)
Chapel of Disease, ‘The Mysterious Ways of Repetitive Art’ (FDA Rekotz)
Crack House, ‘The Hits Just Keep On Coming’ EP (HPGD)
Dead City Ruins, ‘Dead City Ruins’ (Metalville)
Garotting Deep / For, ‘Void Asceticism’ Split (Iron Bonehead)
Gnosis, ‘The Third-Eye Gate’ (Nuclear War Now!)
Hellish Outcast, ‘Stay of Execution’ (Listenable)
Kruger, ‘Adam and Steve’ (Listenable)
Lonewolf, ‘Cult of Steel’ (Massacre)
Marilyn Manson, ‘The Pale Emperor’ (Hell Etc.)
Mellowtoy, ‘Lies’ (Scarlet)
Nachtreich / Spectral Lore, ‘The Quivering Lights’ Split EP (Bindrune)
Obscure Infinity, ‘Perpetual Descending Into Nothingness’ (FDA Rekotz)
Project 86, ‘Knives To The Future’ (Team Black)
Serious Black, ‘As Daylight Breaks’ (AFM)
Simus, ‘Vox Vult’ (Bakerteam)
Vardan, ‘Verses From Ancient Times’ (Moribund)
Voices of Destiny, ‘Crisis Cult’ (Massacre)

January 27:
Battle Beast, ‘Unholy Savior’ (Nuclear Blast)
Black Sheep Wall, ‘I’m Going To Kill Myself’ (Season Of Mist)
The Body and Thou, ‘You, Whom I Have Always Hated’ (Thrill Jockey)
By The Patient, ‘Gehenna’ (Lifeforce)
Diablo Blvd., ‘Follow the Deadlights’ (Nuclear Blast)
Falloch, ‘This Island, Our Funeral’ (Candlelight)
Funeral For A Friend, ‘Chapter and Verse’ (Distiller)
Grimoire, ‘L’aorasie Des spectres rêveurs’ EP (Eisenwald)
If These Trees Could Talk, ‘Above The Earth, Below The Sky’ Reissue (Metal Blade)
If These Trees Could Talk, ‘Red Forest’ Reissue (Metal Blade)
Ingested, ‘The Architect of Extinction’ (Century Media)
Jorn Lande and Trond Holter Present Dracula, ‘Swing of Death’ (Frontiers)
Level 10, ‘Chapter 1‘ (Frontiers)
Lord Dying, ‘Poison Altars’ (Relapse)
Napalm Death, ‘Apex Predator: Easy Meat’ (Century Media)
Nervecell, ‘Psychogenocide’ Reissue (Unique Leader)
Night Demon, ‘Curse of the Damned’ (Century Media)
No Spill Blood, ‘Heavy Electricity’ (Sargent House)
One-Way Mirror, ‘Capture’ (Pavement)
Papa Roach, ‘F.E.A.R.’ (Eleven Seven)
Pat Travers Band, ‘Live At The Iridium NYC’ (Frontiers)
Periphery, ‘Juggernaut: Alpha’ (Sumerian)
Periphery, ‘Juggernaut: Omega’ (Sumerian)
Sodom, ‘Sacred Warpath’ EP (SPV)
Sweet & Lynch, ‘Only To Rise’ (Frontiers)
Thurisaz, ‘Thurisaz: Live & Acoustic’ CD/DVD (Sleazy Rider)
Twizted, ‘The Darkness’ (Majik Ninja)
Various Artists, ‘Randy Rhoads Remembered: Vol.1′ (Tish Tone)
Venom, ‘From The Very Depths’ (Spinefarm)
Visigoth, ‘The Revenant King’ (Metal Blade)
Vivus Humanus, ‘Einkehr’ (Eisenwald)
Voices, ‘London’ (Candlelight)
Winds of Genocide, ‘Usurpring the Throne of Disease’ (Pulverised)
Youth Funeral, ‘See You When I See You’ (Twelve Gauge)

February 3:
Atomicide, ‘Chaos Abomination’ (Iron Bonehead)
Black Cilice, ‘Mysterious’ (Iron Bonehead)
Blind Guardian, ‘Beyond the Red Mirror’ (Nuclear Blast)
Callisto, ‘Secret Youth’ (Svart)
Deathbreed, ‘New World Order’ (Rogue)
Devilish Impressions, ‘Adventvs’ (Hammerheart)
Fulgore, ‘Stratagem’ (Housecore)
Game Over, ‘For Humanity’ Reissue (Scarlet)
Gnaw Their Tongues, ‘Collected Atrocities 2005-2008′ (Crucial Blast)
Orden Ogan, ‘Ravenhead’ (AFM)
Saor, ‘Roots’ (Northern Silence)
Sumac, ‘The Deal’ (Profound Lore)
U.D.O., ‘Decadent’ (AFM)
Ululate, ‘Back To Cannibal World’ (Xtreem)
Wolfheart, ‘Winterborn’ Reissue (Spinefarm)

February 10:
Ahamkara, ‘The Embers of the Stars’ (Bindrune / Nordvis)
Call Of The Void, ‘Ageless’ (Relapse)
Cowards, ‘Rise To Infamy’ (Deadlight)
Demoncy, ‘Joined in Darkness’ Reissue (Forever Plagued)
Dwell, ‘Vermin and Ashes’ (Hells Headbangers)
Exhumed, ‘Gore Metal Redux: A Necrospective’ (Relapse)
Finsterforst, ‘Mach Dich Frei’ (Napalm)
Gorelust, ‘We Are The Undead’ (PRC)
Hate, ‘Crusade Zero’ (Napalm)
Holycide, ‘Toxic Mutation’ EP (Xtreem)
Marduk, ‘Frontschwein’ (Century Media)
Mourning Mist, ‘Mourning Mist’ (Forever Plagued)
Outer Heaven, ‘Diabolus Vobiscum’ EP (Melotov)
Rwake, ‘Xenoglossalgia: The Last Stage of Awareness’ (Relapse)
Taake, ‘Stridens Hus’ (Candlelight)
Thulcandra, ‘Ascension Lost’ (Napalm)
Zoax, ‘Is Everybody Listening?’ EP (Century Media)

February 17:
36 Crazyfists, ‘Time & Trauma’ (Spinefarm)
At The Hollow, ‘What I Hold Most Dear’ (Spinefarm)
Blood Tribe, ‘Infernal Acts Of Man’ (Dark Harvest)
Death Karma, ‘The History of Death & Burial Rituals Part I’ (Iron Bonehead)
Leviathan, ‘Scar Sighted’ (Profound Lore)
Publicist UK, ‘Original Demo Recordings’ (Static Tension)
Sarpantium, ‘Blessed Be My Brothers’ (Willowtip)
Wind Rose, ‘Wardens of the West Wind’ (Scarlet)

February 24:
The Agonist, ‘Eye of Providence’ (Century Media)
Aktor, ‘Paranoia’ (High Roller)
All That Remains, ‘The Order of Things’ (Razor & Tie)
Atomic Aggressor, ‘Sights of Suffering’ (Hells Headbangers)
Bedemon, ‘Child of Darkness’ (Relapse)
Benighted, ‘Brutalive the Sick’ DVD (Season of Mist)
Carach Angren, ‘This Is No Fairy Tale’ (Season Of Mist)
Crypt Sermon, ‘Out Of The Garden’ (Dark Descent)
Dead End, ‘Forever Is Not Eternal’ (Vic)
Dr. Living Dead ,-’Crush The Sublime Gods’ (Century Media)
Ensiferum, ‘One Man Army’ (Metal Blade)
Griever, ‘Our Love Is Different’ (Vitriol)
Izah, ‘Sistere’ (Nordvis)
Johansson & Speckmann, ‘Mask Of The Treacherous’ (Vic)
Kid Rock, ‘First Kiss’ (Warner Brothers)
Legion of Andromeda, ‘Iron Scorn’ (At War With False Noise / Unholy Anarchy)
Mangled, ‘Through Ancient Times’ (Vic)
Nasty, ‘Shokka’ (Good Fight)
Pelican, ‘The Cliff’ EP (Southern Lord)
Revolution Saints, ‘Revolution Saints’ (Frontiers)
Torche, ‘Restarter’ (Relapse)

March 3:
Cherubs, ‘2 Ynfynyty’ (Brutal Panda)
Hinder, ‘When The Smoke Clears’ (The End / ADA)
The Jury and the Saints, ‘The Jury and the Saints’ (SPV)
Negura Bunget, ‘Tau’ (Lupus Lounge /Prophecy)
Sabertooth Zombie, ‘Human Performance IV’ (Twelve Gauge)
Trident, ‘Shadows’ (War Anthem)
UFO, ‘A Conspiracy of Stars’ (SPV)
Various artists, ’mmortal Randy Rhoads – The Ultimate Tribute’ (UDR Music)

March 10:
The Answer, ‘Raise a Little Hell’ (Napalm)
Cancer Bats, ‘Searching For Zero’ (Metal Blade)
Code, ‘Mut’ (Agonia)
Decline Of The I, ‘Rebellion’ (Agonia)
Enslaved, ‘In Times’ (Nuclear Blast)
Evil Invaders, ‘Pulses of Pleasure’ (Napalm)
Judas Priest, ‘Defenders of the Faith’ Reissue (Columbia / Legacy)
Karyn Crisis’ Gospel Of The Witches, ‘Salem’s Wounds’ (Century Media)
Melechesh, ‘Enki’ (Nuclear Blast)
The Midnight Ghost Train, ‘Cold Was The Ground’ (Napalm)
Morbid Evils, ‘In Hate With The Burning World’ (Svart)

March 17:
The Answer, ‘Raise A Little Hell’ (Napalm)
Beautality, ‘Einfallen: A Tale Ov Torment & Triumph’ (Nordavind)
Horizont, ‘Break the Limit’ (Rise Above)

March 24:
Der Weg Einer Freiheit, ‘Stellar’ (Season of Mist)

March 31:
Prong, ‘Songs From the Black Hole’ (SPV)