REBIRTH CAPITOL пускат първото си видео

Столичната банда Rebirth Capitol (deathcore/djent) са записали първото си видео към откриващото парче от дебютното си EP Texra, което ще излезе на 19.10.2013г. Distorted Notions е заснета от Боян Карамфилов, текстът можете да намерите под клипа.

Are we creatures, well adapted to a sick society?
Each person is unique in its nature and meaning of existence.
Every sight that is filled with hopes and dreams, a future-oriented,
in which humans extend  thanks to their dreams.
Through them he earns more freedom,
reveals the truth about himself.
He becomes the creator of a perfect space.
Gray and devoid of  ideals our life is.
Each step the voices of doubt and fear die away,
although the risk increases.
The path can be with a different slant.
The essence of what we are is what we do,
in such a world marked by so many disappointments!

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