Интервю с AURA от Румъния

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Hello! Where do we find you now? Did you rest after the tough program of Kavarna Rock Fest 2014?

AURA: We took a few days off and stayed in Vama Veche beach and that is not because we needed rest, we loved to be in Kavarna Rock fest, but because we wanted to enjoy this beautiful adventure. After this we will go back to Bucharest and prepare our future single named TOMBOY.

The band Aura is pretty popular after the fest in the sea town. You won the vote of the fans in the first day of the fest. And you had to compete with three really good Bulgarian bands in front of a Bulgarian crowd. How do you explain winning The Battle of the Bands to yourself?

AURA: It was a great surprise for us, we knew the Bulgarian bands and we didn’t think we will have a chance but… something happened and the Bulgarian public voted for us. We are very grateful and because of that , we gave our prize – a recording session in a studio in Sofia – to Downer Kill , the Bulgarian band that was at two points behind us.

It’s not a secret that one of your favorite bands is Gotthard and you played a few hours before them. Is this the band you have always wanted to play with on one scene?

AURA : We had the chance to meet them, to speak with them and what you don’t know is that the members of Gotthard band came on Sunday behind the stage to see our show and I was very excited. Actually when I put my wings, on AURA song, Mark Lynn was there showing me thumbs up. I was very happy.
In 2011 we sang also on the same stage with Bon Jovi, after that in 2012 with Manowar and a few weeks ago with Dave Evans. We hope to be on big stages with artists like them because they inspire us and make us belive that with hard work and dedication you can fulfill your dreams.

Introduce the band to us: your music style and projects.

AURA: The members of the band are – Mihai – at guitar and vocals, Razvan at drums and Tibi at guitar bass. We had our first show this year on march when we had the release of AURA first album – The Rock Chick. Our songs are in Romanian language but now we work at other songs in English. The first one will have images from Kavarna Rock Fest – our video team AERIAL DREAMS filmed there with professional cameras and flying drones – and will be named TOMBOY.
AURA music style is a combination of hard rock, alternative and on some of the songs – heavy metal. Now you tell me our style.

In the last decade the question of women in Heavy Metal is really popular. Aura was even compared with Doro Pesch. So who is the female singer who influenced you as a performer?

AURA: Of course I really love Doro, I also love Janis Joplin, Anouk, Lita Ford, Joan Jett.

What else do you do aside from music?

AURA: Me and Mihai have a Rock Bar in Bucharest – named Voltage Bar- and we take care of it. We organize there concerts and Rock Events.

To conclude – Will you say something to your Bulgarian fans? On both of your performances you were holding the Bulgarian flag with the initials of your fan club.

AURA: I was very proud to hold the Bulgarian flag with me. I just want to tell them that we will be friends forever because they made our dreams come true… We will make music for you and be there on stage for you.
You have to know that the name of the band- AURA- is not just my name, is the energy that we share, like we did on Kavarna Festival. God bless you and never forget that you are AURA!

Giuro Ahmedov

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