Интервю със Zorn (ZORNHEYM)

Interview with Zorn (ZORNHEYM)


Zorn (guitars), Zornheym

Satania: Tell me how you gathered the project?

Zorn: I started building the foundation to this band/project in early 2014. I was bored at the time and I had this huge urge to compose music again. I had spent the last 3 years touring but never really got the chance to write any music. In the spring of 2014 my previous commitments came to an end and that allowed me the freedom to start composing and building for Zornheym. I had a very clear vision with this band so I started writing a lot of songs before inviting more people to join in.
First I invited Angst (drums) to join and soon after that we booked the studio. During the studio recording I needed some tech help with my guitar. I wanted to install my new Lace pickups so Scucca (guitars) offered to help me out. While at his place, he introduced me to his interest in sound design and collection of sound/ sample libraries and we discovered that we have a lot on common and that our musical styles and skills compliment each other. He was soon offered the spot as the band’s other guitarist.
After that we needed the perfect frontman… and we really found it! I remembered seeing an old clip when a guy from my home town filled in for Scar Symmetry. Th was Bendler. I approached him, sent him a verse of “A Silent God”, and asked him to lay down the vocals for it. When he sent it back I was blown way and one long phone call later he had joined the band.

S.: When have you thought of the psychiatry concept – after you found Zornheym or before that?

Zorn: The psychiatry concept is one I have had in my head since my mid 20’s or so. When I decided to go all in with the project that would eventually become Zornheym, I finally had a use for that old idea. The basic idea was that each song would tell the story of one inmate and the underlying, recurring theme for it would be the asylum itself. In the last chapter of the graphic novel everything gets tied together in a very nice way.

S.: I’m interested if there’s any real people behind the stories or all of this is simply your artistic fantasy?

Zorn: I spent the summer of 2014 with watching documentaries about real life serial killers when I was taking care of my newborn son. I was taking notes about interesting things and I also spent hours reading about urban legends and checking out different documentaries about different mental conditions. All the facts, urban legends, and real mental conditions got then mixed together and spiced with our artistic fantasy and that’s about it. So a lot of our themes are a mish mash of different sources.

S.: I noticed, that everything is described in pretty scientific ways. Do any of you have psychological or medical degree?

Zorn: Scucca comes from an academic background so he tries to apply his research and study skills to fact check the material. He also has several medical professionals among his friends so he consults them for verification. As much as we take some artistic licence with the stories, we aim for a respectable level of authenticity.

Left to right: Angst (drums), Bendler (vocals), Scucca (guitars), Zorn (guitars)

Left to right: Angst (drums), Bendler (vocals), Scucca (guitars), Zorn (guitars)

S.: Are you thinking of expanding the concept from the debut album and… how many patients can Zornheym gather?

Zorn: Yes, this band will revolve around this concept and we have tons of ideas to expand it. Actually the graphic novel kind of gives away a hint of what the next album will be about.

S.: You were making this album for three years, which was the hardest part from its creation? The lyrics, the music or collecting all the work you’ve done all together?

Zorn: The most challenging part was to tie everything together and especially that we have done it ourselves, the band. It has been challenging, but by far the most interesting and fun music experience I have ever been a part of.

S.: Maybe the first association when you hear a conceptual album, psychiatry, extreme music is King Diamond. Would it bother you if people compared you to them in some way?

Zorn: Of course not, he is called KING Diamond for a reason, he is the king! It was actually King Diamond that got me into concept album in the first place. The first album I got with him was “Voodoo” and I remember that I was blown away about the whole concept idea. Magic!

S.: There is a separate book in the type of a graphic novel with the stories described in the album. When is it coming out and could it be ordered separately from the CD only as a book?

Zorn: The graphic novel is about to be printed. Since we are doing things pretty DIY it usually takes a little bit longer but in the end we have control over everything and the end results gets the way we want it. The novel will be sold from the band’s webshop and of course you will be able to buy it separately.

S.: You already have your first booked date for a concert. Are you planning on doing any other concerts and where?

Zorn: Yes, we have some quite a few shows book now for 2018. We Will start with Europe in 2018 and then conquer the rest of the world after that.

S.: How would a Zornheym concert look like, since there’s a choir and many guest musicians in the recordings?

Zorn: Well, in the beginning we will be using backing tracks but the goal is to use more real instruments one day. Big productions and guest, but for now we will the core of the band, there is a long way to the top…

S.: What are Zornheym’s plans in the near future?

Zorn: Right now Hell Frog Promotion is booking up a few tours for us in the early 2018. Want to see Zornheym in your hometown? Tell your local promoters to contact Hell Frog and it might just happen! We are working on getting the vinyl version of the album out, the graphic novel will out very soon. Things are starting to take off very nicely so you will a lot from us in the future!

Left to right: Scucca (guitars), Zorn (guitars), Bendler (vocals), Angst (drums)

S.: Thanks for the interview, Zorn. I really hope we see each other somewhere on the road.

Zorn: Thanks for the interest in our band and for your support! Check out our social media places:

Webpage – www.zornheym.com
Facebook – www.facebook.com/zornheym
Instagram – www.instagram.com/zornheym_official
Twitter – www.twitter.com/zornheym

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