What is going on with band at the moment, in general? What are you working on?
Ygg: We have a new bass player these days. Its sounds a bit darker, more black you might say. So we like that off course. We are working on music for the new album, and a tribute album to Emperor that we are a part. Its going to be cool. Some other great bands on this project to.

Neo -Satanic Supremacy is your 5th album after 9 years. How did you come to the decision to get together again for new releases?
Ygg: Coincidence really. A little back and forth with Vold, Nagash and me that led to this. There was also an empty space and we had a personal longing for the more pure melodic / symphonic black metal music that was in the 90’s. In 2007, there were very few bands that did this. So we did something about it.

You have changed the sound from 1995, now it is more symphonic, what is different for you now?
Ygg: Everything changes, also the musical expression over the years. Nagash certainly took with them some of the things from the Dimmu era into the band. We are four members contributing to the music and text. So this is a natural musical evolution in Troll. Its a killer for a creative mind to do the same album again and again?

How is your working process organized? Troll was first one-man project. Is still Nagash doing all the lyrical and musical writing alone?
Ygg. We are all doing some parts in the music and lyrics of the band. As a band should work we think.

Which bands on the scene today you like and which bands have been some kind of inspiration for you to decide doing black metal?
Ygg: It was the development of the scene here in Norway. Can not say it was a special band. But the whole environment/the artists and musicians. The musical philosophy around the Norwegian black metal scene. That part of this, is quite unique in a small country like Norway. I think that Black Metal is one of the most exciting genres in the industry. And it is still under development. As it should be. That is what lies behind the phrase: True Norwegian Black Metal. That one stands for what one do. That is being true. Not where you are from.

Where will be your next tours and concerts?
Ygg: We make music for the new album these days. So it’s pretty quiet on the gig front of the band. June 3dh we did a gig with our new bassist Sturt live at the Unholy metal bar in Oslo. It was a live experience that inspires to be
done again and again. We had a really good time. We have a festival in Northern Europe for this winter. But I guess that is the only thing that is booked that I know of. Should have been a lot more though.

Are you part from other musical projects?
I used to be in the Norwegian extreme metal Band Whip with our bass player Sturt. But I have left the band cause I simply don’t have the time to do more than Troll these days. I miss doing some alternative stuff though. One
day I will probably back on that scene.

Thank you for this conversation, Ygg!

Ygg: Thank you too!