Изберете сами част от сетлиста на SABATON

SABATON приканват всички фенове в България да изберат своя любим сетлист за понеделник 18 март. Вижте самото съобщение във фейсбук страницата на групата и запишете своите фаворити в дългия списък.

Здравейте приятели от България! Концертът ни в София наближава, затова искаме да знаем има ли по-специални песни, които бихте искате да чуете през Март?

  1. #1 написан от yorval (преди 10 години)

    ONE very warm Hi to all of YOU as The BEST BAND IN THE SWEDISH-LAND in their FAMOUS & SPECIAL STYLE OF VIKING-PAGAN-METAL-GOTHIC-MUSIC & ‘coz U’re MY FAVOURITE SW-BAND in that kind of sound! And Therefore I would like to suggest to you as my preferred favourites, to include /if possible, of course!!!/ the following songs from your utmost very good & extremely rich & shocking nicely discography /for which reason I made a full brand-new set-list with my BEST and favourite songs of your goodselves!!/
    And there it is – To your kind attention, as well:
    1 IntroductioN
    2 Hail 2D KinG
    3 IN the Name of GOD
    4 The March 2D WAR
    6 Into The FIRE!
    7 Metal Machine
    8 Purple HEART
    9 ANGELS Calling
    10 Der Liebe GOTT mit uns!
    11 Caroieans PRAYER!
    12 UPRISING!
    13 IN the killing ground
    14 In the year 1648
    15 The Ghost DiviSioN
    16 Cliffs of Galipoli
    18 Nightchild – 4D Children of the Nite!
    20 Primo VICTORIA
    21 Glorious LAND
    22 LONG LIVE The KING!
    Hoping now that the Concert in 3 days will be one of the Best and fully memorable R’n’R event here in Bulgaria and I as a fan of YOUR GOOD BAND could have the fine possibility to enjoy in LIVE this extremely fine & lovely & one really breaking through performance of one of the leading Bands in EUROPE in your fine style of Real music, that I adore !!!!
    With my Best greetings & compliments to all of YOU
    and wishing you a really smashing ROCK-EVENT to all of us /!!!!/
    meanwhile I do remain,
    Yours truly,
    Valery – Sofia/BG

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