Irij – Same zgode (2014)

If you’d like to listen to something very different and relaxing, „Same zgode“ is for you. Irij is the solo project of the already ex-fiddler of Eluveitie, Meri Tadić. „Same zgode“ is the logical sequel to the debut EP from 2009. After her departure with Eluveitie, Meri said she will now dedicate entirely to the one-person-band. We wish her even more success in her undertaking, because ’til now she’s absolutely good in it!

„SAME ZGODE, koje se ne mogu dogoditi! “ – „Only events that can’t possibly happen!“. In about little more than 50 minutes the sympathetic musician presents us her music in an interesting way, carrying us into her own world. 13 tracks: rhythmic instrumentals and beautiful emotional songs, almost all of them in Croatian language, which, interestingly, can be fully understood from the ear of a Bulgarian / Balkan listener. We can hear the Balkan influences, but not with those false and unpleasant modern views on folk music that we meet up today. The music of Irij combines merry melodies and interesting stories with acoustic guitars, cheery violins, electronic elements and catchy rhythm that make you beat time with fingers. Imperceptible exoticness that is felt between the notes, makes the work even more attractive.

„Same zgode“ begins with the title track and continues with the one that won me at first listen, „Nevenko“. My personal favorites are: the slower and gentle „I“, which tells us „da je znala, da je ne vidjala“, and „Irudice“, which together manage to impart that sense of commencement and culmination of the work. ‘ II ‘ is characterized by distinct male vocals (Joza Tadic, Monoton Grooveslade) and memorable fastеr chanting in one tone by Meri. „Same zgode“ ends with the little bit prolonged „.dogoditi“, about 17: 55 minutes long song, big part of which is, incomprehensibly to me, silence…until a new, hidden outro starts 🙂

This album is exactly the thing I needed lately. The dolly non-traditional music with rock and ethnic influences has managed not only to get under my skin, but also to get me into a calm trance state that you unwittingly turn off your thoughts and focus entirely on what you listen to.

„Same zgode“ is officially out on 27th January 2014.


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