The norwegian agressive rock band Djerv will release their album Madman on 10 June in Scandinavia and on 17 June in all Europe through Indie Records. The album will include the tracks :

1. Madman
2. The Bowling Pin
3. Headstone
4. Gruesome Twosome
5. Only I Exist
6. Ladder To The Moon
7. Abmuse
8. Blind The Heat
9. Immortal

At the end of May we will be able to see also the video for the sond Madman.

Here is what the musicians and the producer are saying about the work and inspiration:

“Working with a singer at Agnetes level is truly rewarding and  something one very rarely get to do. Her control, range and performance is stunning – not to mention the great lyrics! She is definitely one of THE best singer I`ve had the pleasure working with, and I really hope I get to do it again. Normally it takes me like 30 seconds to figure out how to mix an album, to decide what sound I`m going for, as the inspiration of the band is so obvious to spot out. But when listening to the Djerv album I had no obvious direction on the mix as their music is truly unique. It`s absolutely awesome and it`s totally different from anything else I`ve heard in a long long time – Matt Hyde

We tried to explore the borderlines between rock, metal and on some tracks there are more or less obvious black metal references. The overall sound is quite stripped down, groove-oriented and melodic, yet it has those cold black metal-influenced riffs accompanying the dark moods of the music . We are very happy with the way it turned out, now it`s just the painful wait of hearing what everybody else thinks. Fingers crossed it will go down well“ – Drummer Erlend Gjerde comments.

Djerv are:

Agnete Kjølsrud – Vocals
Stian Kårstad – Guitar
Erlend Gjerde – Drums

Live members:
Stamos Koliousis – Guitar
Victor Brandt – Bass