SAVN – Savn (2014)

Once upon a time, through the mountains far far away.. there was a blonde princess with honeyed voice. She had two trusted helpers, with whom were creating really beautiful gothic metal.

In just such fairy-forest atmosphere carries us SAVN‘s music. Formed just in 2013, they have already finished their debut album and can’t wait to show it to the world. Blending rock and metal with wondrous gothic and folk instruments, Savn apparently have found the winning formula at an early stage.

The gentle melodies with female vocals of Carmen Elise Espanæs (Midnattsol) here-there are diversified by the growls of Stig Johansen (The Sins Of Thy Beloved), again by applying the principle of „The beauty and the beast“. Through the eleven tracks on the debut album stand out „Musical silence“ and the following „Hang on“, as well as „All I want“ and the closing „Longselens Hand“. Here we should mention the excellent work of the guest participators: in „I Am Free“ we recognize Liv Kristine from Leaves’ Eyes (who is also Carmen’s sister) and in „The Demons in me“ we meet Michelle Darkness from End Of Green. Behind all this stands the experienced production hand of Alex Krull (Atrocity) and the group of session musicians for the guitars, bass and drums.

The magical and dark gothic atmosphere carries us right into the world of fairy tales, of miracles, princesses, evil wizards; brings us in a world in which the beauty and beast are not antagonists.


The self-titled Savn album is officially out on 25th April.

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