I met REBOOT THE SYSTEM only about 7 days ago when the founder and sole member Mattias Zimmergren contacted me with the request for a review. The style is melodic death / thrash metal, the release is a nice EP of 3 songs and an intro and there is definitely something to hear from fans of the style


  • Intro
  • Reboot the System
  • Drenched in my Fears
  • Inquity

For me, the intro is one of the most successful intros I’ve heard – it manages to set the mood for the EP very precisely. The title song enters with a kick in the teeth – strong, aggressive, very thrash and very melodic. It is certainly one of the things I will play again and again.

Drenched In my Fears starts just as fiercely, but it’s definitely more lyrical and with a dash smoother tempo – it brings a completely different atmosphere. I’m definitely pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of clean vocal parts.

Inquity is also a very strong piece. It may be just me, but I hear some black metal influences, which I personally find it to be an extremely nice addition.

I usually have a favourite song from each release I listen to, but with „Reboot the System“, I honestly admit – I can’t choose. Rarely does such a young band / project have such a clear concept and well-structured music. Mattias has definitely done a great job!

Overall, there’s something in the EP that few bands have been able to do so successfully lately – to differentiate songs from each other while maintaining overall sound. I think this in a way is the result of the inclusion of four different vocalists – Dennis Kare Andersson (KILL THE KONG), Rasmus Weström (LEADING LIGHT), Mike Andersson (TUNGSTEN, CLOUDSCAPE) and Markus Kristoffersson (OFFENSIVE GROUND). Definitely Mattias didn’t make a mistake in contacting them – the choice is great, they fit in a good enough way in each of the songs and give their character without interfering with the sound of REBOOT THE SYSTEM

For me, the EP is extremely well composed and produced, especially as for a first release. Mattias told me that he has been writing music since he was 14 and recording, mixing and releasing his works for the first time. He definitely gets my applause because I know how much work lies behind the release of even one piece. For now, I wish him success and look forward to a longer release with the music of REBOOT THE SYSTEM. In the meantime, play the EP on your Spotify, have a good time and come and wait with me for RTS’ next release. 😉

For fans of: new melodic death metal // Evaluation: 9/10