I guess you’d be right to criticize us for reviewing this album so late. Well, despite the fact that we’ve met Chaos Theory not so long ago, the reason we have decided to present you their self-titled debut is that the band is about to release their second album later this year. So, let us keep what we know for ourselves a bit more and concentrate on what we have here – twelve songs, written by a band, that deserves your attention. We have to admit one more thing – we failed to label Chaos Theory‘s music, because if you take a walk through their first record, you would find out that there’s at least half a dozen genres’ elements, mixing one with another in each of the songs – crushing groove metal; typical hard rock riffs; classical heavy metal approach, which is most obvious in Rock Johnson‘s wide vocal range; we swear you could dance (!!!) to Afterthought, track number four – that intro bass line reminds me of Arctic Monkeys or The White Stripes (no, still no jokes here); the record gets completed by a few ballads and the closing piano instrumental Without. As you can see by yourself, Chaos Theory have a lot to offer, so give them a chance, listen to their debut and expect their upcoming record’s first single, which will also appear on MetalHangar18’s webpage.

Rating: 7.5/10