It is almost certain that when you hear about metal from the United Arab Emirates, you imagine some super exotic things, influences from latitudes in musical and linguistic ways. Anuryzm are a progressive metal band from Dubai, but their sound sometimes extends beyond this style. I would never guess where they come from, because usually such things are felt at least in the vocals’ pronunciation. I’d bet on America, let’s say. „Worm’s eye view“ is their only album (for now) – from, now distant, year 2011. I definitely see that there is more to show and three years after the debut, maybe it would be nice to hear something new. 🙂 And they’ve been a support band for Nightiwsh. It’s not so important, but it is indicative. And behind the drums on the album stands Martin Lopez (Soen, ex-Amon Amarth, ex-Opeth).

Through the eyes of a worm we look through eight songs that combine melodic and rough vocals with rising guitar parties and evanescent, serene calm melodies. With hints of some drama and anger expressed by music, Anuryzm show a little bit of everything. The songs that make the greater impression are „Fragmenting the soul“ , the self titled „Worm’s eye view“ and the heavy „Killing time“ . As for a debut, „Worm’s eye view“ is definitely strong and diversified and reveals the guys’ potential that we expect from them to deploy in further works too.