WORMLIGHT – „Wrath of the Wilds“ (2018)

wormlight-coverIt’s rare for a band to captivate me that much, that i want their art to reach as many people as possible. This happened with WORMLIGHT. Their story, as well as some details about the album, you will learn from their vocalist Tiamat Invictuz, in the interview I took. Here I will try to present to you their debut album ‘Wrath of Wilds’, which was released on April 25 through Black Lion Records.

WORMLIGHT are a young but very promising band on the Swedish extreme scene. This album takes them 2 years to finish, but what you’re about to hear in it is not just captivating. Inverted thematically to the depths of the Nordic mythology, which are almost unknown to the general public, ‘Wrath of the Wilds’ sounds simultaneously mystical, aggressively and beautiful. The nervous, restless nature of Tiamat Invictuz appears in every single composition, and they’re pleasingly long. In the album there isn’t a song shorter than 6 minutes, except for the intro-invocation.

Perhaps the overall Scandinavian thematic is the reason some of the compositions are imbued with an ethereal folk sound. Unobtrusively and quite masterful it adds more intense colors to the music. And that is felt with the title track. After the second song, however, you’re drowning in madness, which becomes more unbridled with each subsequent composition. If you’ve ever asked yourself how would fire sound if it was turned into music, then listen to ‘Wrath of the Wilds’. The fire, with its full power, flattery and emotion. A rising, ruthless, sweeping element. The Fire-Passion exploding into destruction and insanity. The music in ‘Wrath of the Wilds’ is very sincere, springing from the heart of its creators. This album will envelop you and will kindle all sorts of extreme emotions, that you could ever experience.

A solid, intensive sound, which goes hand in hand with the primary aggression of Swedish Black Metal, enchantingly beautiful melodies and a vocalist, who’s mixing several vocal techniques and at times it creates the impression, that you’re listening to two different artists, who are having a vocal battle with each other. Brilliant solos, speed reefs, and polyphonic harmonies. This album is extremely rich and full of music. Not to mention, that all of this is mixed and produced perfectly. „My“ culmination in ‘Wrath of the Wilds’ is the song ‘Nightmare’. The fiery sound there is full of force, and Tiamat Invictuz seems to be showcasing the full force of his vocal abilities. But I’m sure that everyone will find their favorite among the 9 compositions. Take 55 minutes of your life and I guarantee you, you won’t regret, that you’ve done it. The album you can hear and order from here.

This is an album, that goes through the soul and enters directly into the heart. It will surely appeal to both folk and death metal fans, as well as the black metal ultras, who are still looking for something more „trve“ and old school. Black metal, although it still being the rebellious and wayward child of Metal music, has passed its teenage years a long time ago and what emerging bands, and in particular WORMLIGHT, have to offer becomes much more mature, technical and clean, but at the same time it still captured and preserved the spirit of The Beginning, by keeping it young and alive at the same time. And what more could we want?!

My assessment, as always, is possible out of possible, even for now ‘Wrath of the Wilds’ holds claims to be my #1 for this year. To you, have a pleasant listen!


  1. #1 написан от miroslav (преди 8 месеца)

    Тия агенти ме връщат през 90-те.Само мирисът на кръв и пепел ми липсват но-…само глупостта не старее.Огън точно презентиране на албума браво Satania.Е дано са тук след 10 години,а ние дали ще маршеруваме все още.Нека мракът ни прави вечни като пепел от древен тутем…

    • #2 написан от Satania (преди 8 месеца)

      Честно, аз искам да дойдат в БГ доста преди да са минали 10 години :) , но… Only Satan knows! Отново благодаря за оценката!

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