It took me a while to get to the review of this album, not because I didn’t have time to listen to it, but because I didn’t have time to write about it. In any case, the review is finally here.

SHADOW IN THE DARKNESS are a tech-death metal band from Greece that grabbed my attention almost immediately, although I rarely like anything in this genre.

The album „Erstwhile Befell“ was released on May 19, this year by Sliptrick Records and contains 8 power tracks, each of which will give goosebumps to any technical death fan.

The tracks are arranged in a kind of gradation – when you think your neck is already numb enough the next piece comes along and leaves you breathless. Beneath the powerful riffs are groove elements that are quite fresh to me. In the middle of „Erstwhile Befell“ we meet the prelude „Aspalathus“, which is enough to take a breath before diving into the second part of the album.

There are moments in the songs that seem chaotic to me, but they add charm to the release and don’t spoil it in any way. My favorite is the song „21“, whose melodic guitars set it apart from the rest.

The 32 minutes of „Erstwhile Befell“ were not enough for me and definitely at least one more song would be fine, but in any case our neighbors from SHADOW IN THE DARKNESS have released a great album that is worth listening to.

For fans of: technical death // Rating: 9.5 / 10

You’ll find SHADOW IN THE DARKNESS at Facebook, YouTube .