Няма да видим INSOMNIUM

INSOMNIUM-POSTER-20151014BGНеприятни новини за феновете на INSOMNIUM и WOLFHEART. Според последните новини, споделени от финландците, цялото източноевропейско турне отпада поради непредвидени обстоятелства. Групите се надяват да могат наново да запазят дати за всички обявени дестинации и да зарадват почитателите си.

Очакваме повече подробности от организаторите.
Ето и самото изявление на Insomnium:

Dear fans,
First of all, we like to start thanking all of you for your continued support during these dark times. You have welcomed Mike Bear and Nick Cordle with open arms and because of you and headstrong Markus’s the US tour is still going as strong as ever. For this we are eternally grateful.
However due to unfortunate circumstances, we have no choice but to cancel the planned Eastern European tour. We hope we can rebook this tour in the future and come and play our hearts out for you as soon as possible. We are truly sorry for this but the current situation is beyond us.

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