Интервю с Djay Square Cube – (Ass Deep Tongued)

Interview with Djay Square Cube – (Ass Deep Tongued)


ADT-bandMetal Hangar 18: Hello Kevin (aka Djay Square Cube), I hope you are fine. Let introduced your band at first?

Djay Square Cube: Ass Deep Tongued was born in France on Saint Valentine’s day 2014 with a quite unique concept of mixing our own boyzband songs (and dances) with some brutal silly metal (Goregrind). The band is composed of 3 real Boyz Band members: Kaven’g on Vocals, Moon’r on drums and Djay Square Cube on guitar. You can find to LP of the band: Rectongued at first date and Prolapse declaration.

MH18: What happens to Ass Deep Tongued now?

D.S.C.: We definitely want to bring new music to our find but have some issue to find enough time. A split is ongoing with 3 new songs, and I hope that it will be out before this summer. And our third album is our mind; please kick our asses if you meet us, to help us record it soon!
On other side, we’ve visited some nice countries the past two years (Portugal with our friends Serrabulho, Switzerland, Belgium) and we will have new countries this year: Bulgaria of course but also Wales for the Eradication Festival. And for this end of year, we will have very soon astonishing news with our first tour outside of Europe (so stay tuned).

MH18: You identify your style as Boys Band/ Pornogrind. Which style you like the most and why?

D.S.C.: Boyzband is more a joke at the beginning, but it takes more and more place in our show, perhaps one day we will stop to catch our instruments to make some brutal noise and only made k-pop dances et auto-tuned songs 😉

MH18: Tell me more about your live performance? What to expect your fans with the band on stage?

D.S.C.: Our goal when people see us on stage to make them have a lot of fun but also have some questions about us: are they serious our crazy? Is it fun or creepy? We were some boy’band costume with SM leather masks to maintain an unhealthy atmosphere (and also for our tranquility: tons of fans will want to rape us if they can recognize us on the street).

MH18: What you think about French metal scene, expect goregrind and grindcore style and how do you fit with Ass Deep Tongued on this stage?

D.S.C.: They’re a huge scene of brutal metal bands in France (Benighted, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition…). It is more difficult for goregrind bands to find some place between these serious bands. It is easier for us to find our public who loves our concept in Belgium, Germany and soon in Bulgaria.

MH18: What is your message to the fans, I mean what you want to say to the fans with your lyrics and music?

D.S.C.: Only one message: we are the most awesome boy’z band of the universe. You just have to scream and gurgle like turkeys when you meet us. We use our songs to bring this message.

MH18: 90% of your lyrics is on French language, do you think that is important for you to sing on your mother language and why?

D.S.C.: In fact, we’re just growling on Goregrind songs, not sure it is really in French. But our songs intros are movies extracts (in French) with keywords like sperm, cork, ass…. And of course our k-pop songs are in French, the cutest language for love songs 😉

MH18: Tell an interesting story from your tours, on stage, with fans or rehearsal?

D.S.C.: On a live show this February, a guy in the crowd went on stage to do a performance art: poo on stage. I was stopped only a few seconds before his act by a security guy.

MH18: What you think for political situation in France? Do you agree with protests of yellow vest and what you think with all about that?

D.S.C.: I was more involved on political matters 20 years ago when I was in punk bands. The contestation started for me for a wrong reason: gas prices. We really need to take in account the ecologic crisis which is coming and stop using our car for everything is necessary. After that, the gap between the richest and the poorest is widening and French government needs to do something for the people who have hard time. We are very lucky in France, ‘cause there is a lot of social achievements but French people are too selfish to look worse situations existing on other countries around them and see the chance they have.

MH18: That is your first visiting in Bulgaria, what you know about Bulgarian fans here and what you expect?

D.S.C.: Slavic culture is quite exotic for us. Cyrillic writing makes us travel immediately. I’m only gone to Ukraine a few months ago, I will continue my discovery. We come 3 days to have time to discover Sofia and Bulgaria. I hope to meet some nice people (I’m sure of that)

MH18: Say your personal message to the fans here?

D.S.C.: A personal message for Bulgarian girls: “много си красива липсваш ми” 😉

MH18: Thanks for that interview and see you very soon here.

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