EXARSIS – The Brutal State (2013)

The complicated political situation in Greece is surely one of the reasons for the local metal scene to become more and more productive. What better way to express your anger against the system?! Of course, we are here for a little bit of quality thrash, so you know that too much talking is needless. I suppose you’re tired of hearing about Suicidal Angels, the most successful greek thrash band at the moment, but I’ll have to mention them – recently the guitarist Chris Tsitsis joined them, leaving Exarsis behind. Anyway, with or without him, the quintet from Peloponnese is about to release their second full-length record on March 1st. What The Brutal State exactly is? In a few words – ten fast and catchy thrash metal songs, which follow the testament of the biggest in the genre… What more do you need?! So, if you can’t wait a few days more, check the band’s YouTube profile, where you can watch the Toxic Terror video (displaying the awesome atmosphere at an Exarsis concert) and hear the closing song, called Under Destruction. The only thing, that could eventually leave a bitter taste in your mouth, are the Alex’s shrill vocals, but I guess no one really has the right to complain – this is not a music for people with delicate ears.


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