Interview with Tiamat Invictuz (WORMLIGHT, SONS OV OMEGA)



Satania: Hello Tiamat Invictuz and thanks that you took time for this interview! Before starting, tell me more about the band. You started with another name… How was Wormlight formed?

Tiamat Invictuz: The band was formed in 2014 under the name Unhallowed by King and my predecessor Defeathered, joined by Lstor Mortis and Nordlyst, and they released the first Ep „An Ancient Enemy“ the same year. In late 2014 Defeathered left the band and I was asked to join, and did so just in time for the recording of the „Bloodfields“ Ep that was released 2015 and at the same time the band changed its name, and Nordlyst departed from the band. Thus Wormlight, as it is today, was formed.

S.: What are the stylistic and ideological differences between Unhallowed and Wormlight?

T. I.: Well, the most notable difference is of course the line-up. And during the time between ‘Bloodfields’ and ‘Wrath Of The Wilds’ we have had time to lay out a structure within the band, and found our individual role and as a unity. I quickly found myself in the role of the main writer of the music, and when I took up the role of vocalist I took over the lyrics as well. This brings a natural difference, since the writers of the material we have a different mind behind it, and with that, a different essences.

S.:How long did the work on ‘Wrath of the Wilds’ take you? How does it differ from you other albums?

T. I.: When I joined the band I wrote two tracks for the ‘Bloodfields’ Ep: „Wormlight“ and „The Bloodfields“. And the other two tracks were materials from before my time in the band. So the Ep could be seen as a transition from the old and the new.
When the Ep was released the first time in 2015, I immediately began the writing of the new material. So all in all, two years to complete the album.

S.: Is the ‘Wrath of the Wilds’ a concept album and what is embedded in it in terms of ideas and messages?

T. I.: The lyrics follow a thread that weaves together the album. Each track represents a being or creature of the old Scandinavian folklore. I’ve tried to focus on as much as possible on the origins of the folklore, as the ones that are commonly know today are mostly perverted by Christianity, to fit their understanding of the cosmic laws.
As I write my lyrics in English, the true translation of words was a tricky matter, and I chose to draw parallels between folklore of other mythologies to simplify.

S.: Initially (as Unhallowed) you were relying on the anti-Christian themes, and as Wormlight you’re turning to the Nordic mythology. What provoked this change in you?

T. I.: Change of lyricist is the main reason behind it. Although I don’t believe in placing restrictions on my creativity, especially the lyrics. The band is not categorized by the lyrical theme in that aspect. The lyrical theme may change in its focus, not bound by the Norse mythology, even if it might be the foundation from where the lyrics are built.

S.: What do the members of Wormlight, and you in particular, believe (or not believe) in?

T. I.: My beliefs and studies derives from chaos-gnostic Satanism, but are to complex to be represented by singular words or shorter of sentences, and I rarely discusses it in depth. I’m also the only member of the band with spoken religious or spiritual belief

S.: I would personally describe your music with one single word – FIRE! I am particularly impressed with the harmonies, which at times seems to overflow into a battle of vocal techniques.

T. I.: Thank you. I am the only vocalist in the band. The vocal techniques that I most frequently use is the dark growls and the more old-school black metal vocals. But there are other techniques incorporated on the different tracks on the album as well.

S.: ‘Wrath of the Wilds’ is really more „blackish“ than your previous albums, and there are still death metal influences and the album is much more furious and… fiery (I think I already said it :) ). Who are your personal inspirations?

T. I.: When I in the mind set of composing, I often strive towards „force“, for the music to feel like an invisible wall that rushes towards you. But I still want to implement melodies and the occasional atmospheric part.
I rarely listens to music during the periods of composing, so not to be overly inspired by other bands, and be more focused on what comes natural for me, and in so being unbound by genres and what not.
As Wormlight, in essence, represents my individual taste in music.

S.: How demanding are you in what you do?

T. I.: It’s hard to answer that myself. I’m mostly quite impatient, both with myself and the others. Especially when we enter the studio. But as I record more material, I grow in understanding what i need to do to achieve the end result im looking for.
I visualise the end result while writing the music, so I easily develop „tunnel vision“, and it can be quite hard to make me change my mind. And I guess that can be seen as demanding, at least by my fellow brothers in arms.

S.: What are the reviews of ‘Wrath of the Wilds’ so far, could you say, that you created a strong and different album, or you just keep doing what you want and feel?

T. I.: I always do what I feel like when it comes to my music. The album itself is stronger then our previous releases. Much thanks to the years we’ve had to perfect it, and the new way of production that we chose.
The album been given quite good review and attention. Then again, as it always is with reviews, some likes a certain element that others don’t.

S.: How do you see the Swedish black/death metal scene today, compared to what was going on in the 1990s? Do you have any favorite bands in your scene?

T. I.: Well, i only got a tiny glimpse of the 90s metal scene, so I’m not really qualified to make that comparison at all. As far as the scene today, internet has changed everything. We are fed with new music everyday, it’s hard to keep track and stay focused. Then some new release shines through and grasp you by the neck. Also, as a band it’s almost impossible to create something without being compared to other band, with all right, but originally had been long since claimed by those before us.

S.: Many bands started inviting guest musicians for the recordings of their albums or to write lyrics and music. Are there any guest appearances in your album?

T. I.: The invocation on the track „invocation“ and „Feast of the Mountain Kin“ was written by me, but performed by Anthropos, vocalist in my other band Sons Ov Omega. Other than that I do the vocals.

S.: How far are Wormlight seeing themselves in 10 years?

T. I.: I rarely visualise the future in that regard. Music will be written, gigs will be played. If we can make a living of music under our principles then we wouldn’t mind that of course. Everyone wants some sex,drugs and Rock n’ Roll in their careers I guess. The band will be very much alive in 10 years.

S.: Are you planning any concerts or a tour to support your album?

T. I.: Mainly there will be some local gigs, or atleast gigs in Sweden. As far as touring goes I have nothing solid to share at the moment, it will be announced when i do.


S.: Where can ‘Wrath of the Wilds’ be ordered?

T. I.: To purches it straight from the band.
It can also be ordered from our label, Black Lion Records.


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