I have no idea what’s going on with metal these days, but the latest albums I’ve been listening to are a pleasantly surprising.

BROTTHOGG come with their second album, which is the first since I met the band. Norwegian music has always had a place in my heart and „The Die Is Cast“ is another proof of why this is so.

Measured harshness, skilful combination of Norwegian and English lyrics, and a killer mix of black and death – in equal parts so that no one’s taste is left behind.

The truth is that the quartet obviously knows their job and very quickly made me listen to their previous album. I have nothing to complain about musically – a strong slap in the face of the heat outside and I just want more.

Thirty-seven minutes is another treasure in this year’s editions, and if you listen to more extreme music, you won’t regret it.


  1. Nokturne
  2. Behind the Gateways
  3. Liberation
  4. Draugen
  5. Forlis
  6. Resurrection
  7. Iacta Alea Est

Rating: 9/10 // For fans of: cold and unpretentious yet still brutal black-death with Norwegian spirit.